Keep leading without a title

Från Robin Sharmans Nyhetsbrev:

A Return to Leadership’s Fundamentals

Part of Leading Without a Title is keeping things simple. In a world where business and society moves towards complexity, I encourage you to embrace simplicity (the place where true success + genius resides). Yes, there are many shiny toys that the media/the crowd invite us to chase. Yet to truly win personally and at work, the smartest move we can make is to get back to the fundamentals of mastery. And work them with a staggeringly pure focus.

Two summers ago I skied at Coronet Peak in New Zealand. It was an unforgettable 21 days for me, for many reasons (from getting my first taste of heliskiing to writing the first draft of ”The Leader Who Had No Title” in one of the most beautiful settings my eyes have yet to witness). But one thing still stands out.

It was late in the morning on a powder-filled day. The head of the ski school, Michel Marchand – now a close friend – was giving me some lessons to amp up my game. As we skied down the peak, he pointed out to a skier in a flashy aerodynamic outfit who was doing some beginner type drills. ”See this woman,” he pointed. ”Yes,” I replied. ”She’s on our Olympic team,” Michel said. ”Her coach is getting her back to the fundamentals and ensuring they are flawless. Until her basic moves are perfect, advanced moves don’t matter.”

A profound insight. Those of us in business love to pursue the latest innovation and pursue the hottest trend. Especially online, we are bombarded with a massive array of new ideas and mind-numbing messages. And yet, what I deeply believe is that enduring success in business and in life comes down to doing a few simple things brilliantly well. Things like delivering on your promises, adding superb value to as many people as possible, iterating on a daily basis, being optimistic + honorable, developing your team. And having fun. Simple ideas? Yes. Easy to execute on with remarkable consistency? No.

So as you wind down 2010 and welcome in 2011, may I gently challenge you to strip out the complexity from your work and home life and return to the handful of things that matter. Find some time to be alone. Pull out your journal. Write down all the things you need to say no to – so you can start saying yes to the opportunities that will make the new year the single best year of your life.

Keep Leading Without a Title,




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